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Apr 06

Eating the Mediterranean Way: How They Eat Fats But Don’t Get Fatter!

Eating the Mediterranean Way: How They Eat Fats But Don’t Get Fatter! Ask about a “Mediterranean Diet” and you will imagine pouring olive oil. Indeed, it is hard to find a Mediterranean recipe that doesn’t contain it. Coincidentally, researchers think that this is one of the components that keep people in that area in better …

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Nov 12

Chocolate – Not Just for Gods!- ideas for Thanksgiving recipe

Few weeks ago, I gave a class at the Washtenaw Community College about chocolate. The students liked that though we discussed plenty of ideas of how to cook and eat chocolate; it was not a cooking but a wellness class. That is however the point and an important part of the concept, food is a …

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Sep 29

Better Food Produces Less Waste

Better Food Produces Less Waste Last week Jewish people observed the end of ten days of awe, the ten days starting with Rosh Hashanah and ending with Yom Kippur or the Days of Repentance. This is a time for serious introspection, a time to consider the sins of the previous year and repent before Yom Kippur Day …

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Sep 17

How to Help Your Children Enjoy Nutritious Foods

Do your children refuse to eat nourishing food because they think it is boring and tasteless?Are you overwhelmed with food ads that tempt kids to eat junk? This series of seminars will help you get new insights on how to offer your kids delicious, nutritious meals. Get tips on how to find time to eat …

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Sep 13

Happy Jewish New Year

This week was the Jewish New Year. We are lucky to be able to say “Happy New Year” twice, once when we celebrate with the general public, and one in the fall. Boosting the “Happy Year” toward the fall is a good reminder that we need to do good and look for happiness. Originally, the …

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Aug 29

New School Year

The new school year is on our doorstep and this is a great opportunity to establish some better eating habits for the entire family. The house is starting some new rules anyway, like, earlier bed time; reducing TV hours, afterschool activities…Why not take this opportunity too for “Our family start new eating habits for a …

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