Sep 17

How to Help Your Children Enjoy Nutritious Foods

Do your children refuse to eat nourishing food because they think it is boring and tasteless?Are you overwhelmed with food ads that tempt kids to eat junk?

This series of seminars will help you get new insights on how to offer your kids delicious, nutritious meals. Get tips on how to find time to eat breakfast, and what to pack for lunch, what snacks to offer to the kids and how to reduce Coke consumption. and the Most important of all, Parents and kids will learn to enjoy nutritious foods.

  • Learn how to combine better eating habits with your child’s hectic life
  • Find out how to apply fun and simple techniques so kids will enjoy eating delicious and nutritious meals
  • Become better skilled and creative at preparing fast, tasty, inexpensive meals kids will like
  • Get tips on how to expose your child to nourishing eating habits
  • Breakfast – What Comes First – the Egg or the Cereal?
  • Learn how to explain the importance of eating breakfast to children
  • Get cool ideas of what can be eaten for breakfast
  • Organize fun breakfast in no time.
  • Lunchbox – Not Peanut-Butter Sandwich Again.
  • Prepare a fast tasty lunchbox for your child
  • Get various ideas of what your kids will eat for lunch and love
  • Find out how to incorporate more veggies in your kids meals
  • Drink! Drink! Drink! But NOT Coke!
  • How do you offer kids better drinking habits?
  • Understand why drinking liquids are important to your kids’ well being
  • Apply fun and simple techniques to drink more during their day
  • Add tasty liquids to your kids’ diets
  • Enjoy Snacking With No Guilt
  • Understand why snacking is an essential part of eating
  • Offer your kids nutritious snacks for school
  • Present your children with fun snacks at home

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