Our Services

Private coaching – for individuals or families

Inclusive program -“Ten Principles for sustaining good eating habits”-

Ten coaching sessions that gradually improve the way you eat.

Concentrated program – four coaching sessions to kick-start improving your eating habits.

Counseling – one coaching session to help you resolve your immediate eating challenge

“In-store” – one in-store coaching session – learn how to shop efficiently – a special program for people with a busy schedule or special dietary needs such as gluten free and celiac, dairy Free, elimination diet etc.

International welcome – One coaching session for international visitors who just moved to MI and need to find how to shop and eat in the American Midwest.

Tailored Coaching Program

  • Remove the stress out of eating
  • Fun pantry raids
  • Exciting cooking experiences

Get Free

  • Trip to the supermarket to learn how to shop efficiently
  • “Easy to prepare” recipes
  • Informational leaflets

Food Coach at your workplace

For the smart employer who recognizes the benefit of improving employees’ eating habits, we offer an on-site coaching program, workshops, or brown bag lunch seminars.

Special Programs

We develop special programs and classes to meet specific customer requirements, such as schools and parent organizations that cope with children’s eating habits, organizations that must deal with the challenge of eating nutritious food while maintaining a busy schedule, or special dietary needs such as gluten free, dairy free, elimination diet, etc.