About Us

Dolev LLC was founded by Yael Dolev.
Yael has a BSc in Agronomy (Agriculture and Food Science), an MSc in Botany, and a Ph.D. ABD in Ecology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Yael thus brings to her coaching a new multidisciplinary approach about the connection between the body that we need to sustain, the food that we eat, and the environment in which our food grows.
Yael has over twenty five years of work experience in agriculture and conservation. She was part of a team that developed tomato species, worked in projects in the Department of Herb and Spices, was a field guide in a research institute, an editor of a professional Food and Hospitality magazine, and wrote about food packaging, herbs and spices and food additives, as well as articles about produce and recipes. During all these years Yael trained and educated adults and children.
Yael owns a farm and has hands-on experience growing avocado, oranges, pecan nuts, cotton, and olives.
Yael follows a Mediterranean diet and keeps wholesome food habits as a second nature. She loves eating well and enjoys a good meal, yet prefers to spend limited time shopping and cooking. She is a creative chef who invents easy-to-make tasty recipes. Yael has lived in four different countries and travelled the world, familiarizing herself with worldwide eating habits and varieties of food.
Carefully following the eating habits of children and adults, and based on her experience, Yael has developed special programs that help the young and adults, individuals and groups meet their eating challenges

Yael lives by her motto of “Enjoy Eating and Never Diet Again”.

Our Philosophy

Many people think that nutritious food is tasteless, or that preparing nutritious food has to be time-consuming and expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a Food Coach who runs a program called “Enjoy Eating and Never Diet Again” I coach people how to sustain nourishing eating habits.My mission is to coach fun and simple techniques to enjoy eating delicious and nutritious meals that fit people’s daily routines.I provide my clients with new insights into their food habits. In the program my clients become skilled at ten principles that make them win the game of eating. I coach people how to shop efficiently for food; maintain a useful pantry, and put delicious, nutritious, inexpensive dishes together quickly, using common, everyday ingredients. With the coaching, my clients can say “goodbye” to calorie counting and “hello” to nutritious eating lifestyle. Learning takes a little work – not a whole lot – but the results are long term and well worth the effort.

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